Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)
Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

Pharmacognosy - Medicinal Plants

Pharmacognosy - Medicinal plants (Herbs)

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Herbs - Medicinal Plants

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This site aims to provide you information regarding Pharmacognosy, herbs and medicinal plants, structured from basic issues such as the macro morphological characteristics of the vegetative organs or photosynthesis, to the deeper and more complex Pharmacognosy issues as the analysis of active ingredients and other substances or compounds such as essential oils, their uses and medicinal properties.


At the same time it offers an increasing amount of information about medicinal plants, listed by common name, scientific name, and active ingredients and components, as well as pharmacological and therapeutic indication.


As additional information, contains sections such as "graphic", "bibliography" and "glossary of terms" that enrich the information contained in the main sections, always related with Pharmacognosy, medicinal plants and natural products chemistry.


The aim is to create an interest space as a basis for teachers and students related to this specialty subjects, and any other person interested in issues related to medicinal plants and their uses.