Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Herbs - Medicinal Plants

Avocado - Herbs, medicinal plants


Deciduous tree up to 20 meters high with a trunk 60 cm in diameter, with leaves alternate, elliptic, small flowers and fruit pulp very oily drupaceous, commonly used as food.


Medicinal Plants - Avocado

Medicinal Herbs

Garlic - Medicinal Herbs


Garlic is an annual herb native to Central Asia but its widespread use as a condiment and medicinal properties, is cultivated in almost all continents.


Medicinal Plants - Garlic

Medicinal Herbs

Mint - Herbs


Mint is a perennial herb, creeping, with angular branches, glabrous or slightly pubescent, leaves opposite, oblong, rough surface and serrated margin, shortly petiolate...


Medicinal Plants - Mint

Medicinal Herbs

Guava - Medicinal plants


The guava is a shrub or small tree up to 7 m high, sparsely branched. It has aromatic leaves, opposite, entire, 4-8 cm long, with prominent veins on the underside, resembling ribs. White attractive flowers, grouping from 1 to 3; numerous stamens arranged on a width disk...


Medicinal Plants - Guava

Medicinal Herbs

Lemon - Medicinal plants


The lemon is a small tree with irregular branches armed with thick spines, stiff and sharp. Leaves of 5 to 7.5 cm long. White flowers 2 cm long. Fruit round from 3 to 6 cm, greenish yellow, with plenty of acid pulp, small white seeds shaped oval...


Medicinal Plants - Lemon

Medicinal Herbs

Beet - Medicinal plants


Beetroot is a biennial herb with stems up to 1.25 m height.Leaves simple, petiolate, ovate or oblong, become linear bracts in the inflorescence. Flowers are small, numerous, greenish, clustered in a large and diffuse terminal panicle. The parts used are roots...


Medicinal Plants - Beet

Medicinal Herbs

Basil - Medicinal plants


Branched erect herb 30-60 cm tall, elliptic leaf, ovate, oblong, a bit dentated or entire, inflorescence 20 cm long, corolla 4-5 cm long...


Medicinal PlantsBasil

Medicinal Herbs

Cocoa - Medicinal plants


Cocoa is a small tree of 6-8 m, with bushy branches, elliptic leaves - oblong to obovate - oblongs, from 15-30 cm, abruptly acuminate. It has small inflorescences, on the trunk and branch, pink calyx 6-7 cm and yellow petals. Fruit ovoid - oblong, lined, rough, with ovoid seeds. Are used the dried and roasted seeds....


Medicinal PlantsCocoa

Medicinal Herbs

Papaya - Medicinal plants


The Papaya is a small tree with single stem rarely branched withleaves shaped like a plume at its distal end. Lobed leaves, pale on the underside. Mostly unisexual flowers. Fruit pear-shaped, pendant and with lots of seeds...


Medicinal PlantsPapaya

Medicinal Herbs

Pumpkin - Medicinal plants


Pumpkin is an annual plant with short cycle grown commonly in the tropics between March and June. It is known from antiquity whose origins are lost in time...


Medicinal PlantsPumpkin

Medicinal Herbs

Onion - Medicinal plants


The onion is a geophytewith spherical bulbsvarying size and color depending on the cropIts leaves are lanceolate, with way of rods and white flowers clustered at the ends protruding on the rosette of leaves...


Medicinal PlantsOnion

Medicinal Herbs

Banana - Medicinal plants


Hardy grass up to 10 meters high. Strong and well-developed leaves, petioles envainadores that make the false aerial stem, limbo of 1-2 m long and 35-60 cm wide, tearing into strips perpendicular to the central axis...


Medicinal PlantsBanana

Medicinal Herbs

Tea - Medicinal plants


Tea is a shrub that grows up to four meters high, evergreen, alternate leaves, elliptic, pointed, toothed and coriaceous leaves, six to eight inches long and three inches wide...


Medicinal PlantsTea

Medicinal Herbs

Pineapple - Medicinal plants


The pineapple is a plant of the family of Bromeleaceas. It has long leaves up to a meter, spiny and fleshy. The fruit is divided into sections with a crown that characterizes it...


Medicinal PlantsPineapple

Medicinal Herbs

Chamomile - Medicinal plants


Herb erect, little branched, with erect stems about 50 cm tall. Leaves sessile finely divided. Very fragrant flowerheads, located at the end of the branches, with the central part hollow and in deep yellow...


Medicinal PlantsChamomile

Medicinal Herbs

white lily - Medicinal plants

White Lily

Herbaceous plant with a scaly bulb, big and white. It has a bulbous underground stem and another aerial herbaceous stem coated with leaves, few leaves are widespread and others erect, lanceolate shaped, and sparsely undulating in the edges...


Medicinal PlantsWhite Lily

Medicinal Herbs

Oregano - Medicinal plants


High herb with fleshy leaves, hairy and angled stem used as a condiment and as an ornamental plant. It is native to tropical Asia...


Medicinal PlantsOregano

Medicinal Herbs

Parsley - Medicinal plants


biennial herb up to 80 cm long, hairless, with thin stems and triangular outline leaves two to three times pinnate, the upper leaves have entire leaflets and the basal ones serrated or toothed....


Medicinal PlantsParsley

Medicinal Herbs

Laurel - Medicinal plants

Laurel (bay laurel)

The Bay Laurel is a small sized tree of the Lauraceae family. It not exceeds the height of 10 m. It has lanceolate hard leaves, dark green color, between 7 and 12 cm long...


Medicinal PlantsLaurel

Medicinal Herbs

Pulsatilla - Medicinal plants


The Pulsatilla is an herbaceous plant which has a fairly thick rhizome in black, stick to the ground in angle, from this rhizome grows a stalk which doesn´t reach much height, with leaves segmented in linear laciniates...


Medicinal PlantsPulsatilla

Medicinal Herbs

Hibiscus - Medicinal plants


The Hibiscus have alternate leaves, simple, ovate to lanceolate, often with serrated or lobed margin. The flowers are long, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped, with five petals, in shades of white to pink, red, purple or yellow, of 4-15 cm size...


Medicinal PlantsHibiscus

Medicinal Herbs

Calendula officinalis - Medicinal plants

Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

The Calendula officinalis is an annual herbaceous plant 30-60 cm tall, simple leaves, sessile, mostly oblanceolate, hairy, chartaceous, initially grouped and subsequently arranged alternately along the stems that support in its ends the floral buds...



Medicinal PlantsPot marigold

Medicinal Herbs

Turmeric - Medicinal plants


Turmeric is a perennial herb with aromatic rhizomes bright yellow color in the inside, is used as a seasoning (curry) and is attributed anticancer properties...



Medicinal PlantsTurmeric

Medicinal Herbs

Passion flower - Medicinal plants

Passiflora or Passion flower

The Passion flower is a plant with a permanent woody stem that can reach up to 10 m. The axillary pedicle grows to 8 cm and holds only a flower. Flowers are lined with a diameter of 5 to 9 cm. The five sepals are gray on the outside and white inside...


Medicinal PlantsPassiflora

Medicinal Herbs

Stevia - Medicinal plants


Stevia rebaudiana is a shrub that grows about 30 cm high, with composite wrapped flowers with sessile leaves 3-4 cm long, the whole plant is intensely sweet...


Medicinal PlantsStevia

Medicinal Herbs

Mallow - Medicinal plants

Mallow (Malva)

Mallow is a herbaceous biennial and perennial up to 1.5 m high. Its stem is very hairy and woody. The root is fusiform. The flowers are pink or purple with darker purple veins. The fruit, which is disc-shaped, decomposes after ripening...


Medicinal PlantsMallow

Medicinal Herbs

Coriander - Medicinal plants


The Coriander or Cilantro is an annual herb of the family Apiaceae (called Umbelliferae). Have straight stems, compound leaves, white flowers and aromatic fruits...


Medicinal PlantsCoriander

Medicinal Herbs

Thyme - Medicinal plants


Thyme is a perennial shrub from to the Labiatae family that reaches about 15-30 cm tall. It´s bushy with small leaves shaped ovate to lanceolate, in these leaves there´re tiny hollows stuffed with a drop of essence...


Medicinal PlantsThyme

Medicinal Herbs

Ginger - Medicinal plants


Ginger is a herbaceous plant up to 90 cm with horizontal rhizome, leaves linear - lanceolate 18-28 cm long, sessile, acuminate. Peduncle of 15 to 25 cm; ellipsoid spikes of 4 to 6 cm...


Medicinal PlantsGinger

Medicinal Herbs

Grape - Medicinal plants


The grape plant has climbing stems through specialized organs called vine tendrils. The palmately veined leaves are arranged opposite on the branches...

Medicinal PlantsGrape

Medicinal Herbs

Coffee - Medicinal plants


Coffee is a shrub or small tree of 1-7 meters height. Opposite leaves, bright, mostly oblong, with prominent veins on both sides. Fragrant white flowers in tight clusters located in the leaf axils...

Medicinal PlantsCoffee

Medicinal Herbs

Saffron - Medicinal plants


Saffron is a herbaceous, bulbous plant from the Iridaceae family. It has long, linear green leaves forming tufts. The parts used are the stigmas and styles terminations...

Medicinal PlantsSaffron

Medicinal Herbs

Chilli pepper - Medicinal plants

Chilli pepper

Hairless, branched shrub, up to over 1 m in height, sometimes tomentose. The fruit is shaped berry, globose or ellipsoid, spicy and red when ripe, 5 to 10 mm long. Perennial plant is present almost all year...


Medicinal PlantsChilli pepper

Medicinal Herbs

Chilli pepper - Medicinal plants


Acaulescent herbaceous, vivacious, from the Compositae family, has a long tap-root, highly variable plant, perennial up to 40 cm high. The parts used are the leaves and the dried root harvested before flowering...


Medicinal Plants - Dandelion

Medicinal Herbs

Strawberry - Medicinal plants


Perennial plant whose leaves and flower stalks grow from a basal rosette. The parts used are the roots, leaves and fruit...


Medicinal Plants - Strawberry

Medicinal Herbs



Annual, thorny and pubescent herb. With erect stalks, branched, thorny or unarmed stems, stellate, pubescent with ovate, pointed leaves. The part used is the fruit...


Medicinal Plants - Eggplant

Medicinal Herbs

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