Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Theme V: Drug analysis methods

Drugs analysis methods

Drug analysis methods

The natural products market has a boom that exceeds $ 14 billion per year which involved about 10 000 different plants.

Among the major exporters of medicinal plant products are China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Germany, Chile and Argentina. The main importers are the United States, France, Italy, UK, Germany, China and Japan.


Due to this large profusion of plants is necessary a quality control to determine the possible adulteration that may occur in each of these products. Therefore, it requires a set of tests to detect when a plant product does not meet the requirements of use.


The wide variety of plants and its origins requires specific rules for each one, so that the principal components can be identified and selected.


Here are some of these analyses that are essential for assessing the quality of these herbal drugs.

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