Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Natural antiinflammatory

Medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory

Examples of plants with antiinflammatory drug. Click on any to see more details of its contents and properties. 


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Avocado - Herbs, medicinal plants


Deciduous tree up to 20 meters high with a trunk 60 cm in diameter, with leaves alternate, elliptic, small flowers and fruit pulp very oily drupaceous, commonly used as food.


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Avocado

Plants to reduce inflammation

Chamomile - Medicinal plants


Herb erect, little branched, with erect stems about 50 cm tall. Leaves sessile finely divided. Very fragrant flowerheads, located at the end of the branches, with the central part hollow and in deep yellow...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Chamomile

Plants to reduce inflammation

Chilli pepper - Medicinal plants

Chilli pepper

Hairless, branched shrub, up to over 1 m in height, sometimes tomentose. The fruit is shaped berry, globose or ellipsoid, spicy and red when ripe, 5 to 10 mm long. Perennial plant is present almost all year...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Chilli pepper

Plants to reduce inflammation

Guava - Medicinal plants


The guava is a shrub or small tree up to 7 m high, sparsely branched. It has aromatic leaves, opposite, entire, 4-8 cm long, with prominent veins on the underside, resembling ribs. White attractive flowers, grouping from 1 to 3; numerous stamens arranged on a width disk...


Inflammatory medicinal plants - Guava

Plants to reduce inflammation

Stevia - Medicinal plants

Mallow (Malva)

Mallow is a herbaceous biennial and perennial up to 1.5 m high. Its stem is very hairy and woody. The root is fusiform. The flowers are pink or purple with darker purple veins. The fruit, which is disc-shaped, decomposes after ripening...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Mallow

Plants to reduce inflammation

Onion - Medicinal plants


The onion is a geophytewith spherical bulbsvarying size and color depending on the cropIts leaves are lanceolate, with way of rods and white flowers clustered at the ends protruding on the rosette of leaves...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Onion

Plants to reduce inflammation

Papaya - Medicinal plants


The Papaya is a small tree with single stem rarely branched withleaves shaped like a plume at its distal end. Lobed leaves, pale on the underside. Mostly unisexual flowers. Fruit pear-shaped, pendant and with lots of seeds...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Papaya

Plants to reduce inflammation

Pineapple - Medicinal plants


The pineapple is a plant of the family of Bromeleaceas. It has long leaves up to a meter, spiny and fleshy. The fruit is divided into sections with a crown that characterizes it...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Pineapple

Plants to reduce inflammation

Pumpkin - Medicinal plants


Pumpkin is an annual plant with short cycle grown commonly in the tropics between March and June. It is known from antiquity whose origins are lost in time...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Pumpkin

Plants to reduce inflammation

Strawberry - Medicinal plants


Perennial plant whose leaves and flower stalks grow from a basal rosette. The parts used are the roots, leaves and fruit...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - Strawberry

Plants to reduce inflammation

white lily - Medicinal plants

White Lily

Herbaceous plant with a scaly bulb, big and white. It has a bulbous underground stem and another aerial herbaceous stem coated with leaves, few leaves are widespread and others erect, lanceolate shaped, and sparsely undulating in the edges...


Anti-Inflammatory medicinal plants - White Lily

Plants to reduce inflammation

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