Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Intestinal parasites treatment. List of medicinal plants

Intestinal parasites

Disease caused by intestinal parasites.

List of plants for the treatment of Intestinal parasites.

Examples of plants with therapeutic indications for the treatment of Intestinal parasites. Click on any to see more details of its contents and properties. 


This section is constantly updated proportionally to new publications of the section: 


medicinal plants

Avocado - Herbs, medicinal plants


Deciduous tree up to 20 meters high with a trunk 60 cm in diameter, with leaves alternate, elliptic, small flowers and fruit pulp very oily drupaceous, commonly used as food.


Herbal remedies for Intestinal parasitesAvocado

Natural Treatment for Intestinal parasites

Basil - Medicinal plants


Branched erect herb 30-60 cm tall, elliptic leaf, ovate, oblong, a bit dentated or entire, inflorescence 20 cm long, corolla 4-5 cm long...


Herbal remedies for Intestinal parasitesBasil

Natural Treatment for Intestinal parasites

Garlic - Medicinal Herbs


Garlic is an annual herb native to Central Asia but its widespread use as a condiment and medicinal properties, is cultivated in almost all continents.


Herbal remedies for Intestinal parasitesGarlic

Natural Treatment for Intestinal parasites

Onion - Medicinal plants


The onion is a geophytewith spherical bulbsvarying size and color depending on the cropIts leaves are lanceolate, with way of rods and white flowers clustered at the ends protruding on the rosette of leaves...


Herbal remedies for Intestinal parasitesOnion

Natural Treatment for Intestinal parasites

Papaya - Medicinal plants


The Papaya is a small tree with single stem rarely branched withleaves shaped like a plume at its distal end. Lobed leaves, pale on the underside. Mostly unisexual flowers. Fruit pear-shaped, pendant and with lots of seeds...


Herbal remedies for Intestinal parasitesPapaya

Natural Treatment for Intestinal parasites

Pumpkin - Medicinal plants


Pumpkin is an annual plant with short cycle grown commonly in the tropics between March and June. It is known from antiquity whose origins are lost in time...


Herbal remedies for Intestinal parasitesPumpkin

Natural Treatment for Intestinal parasites

Coriander - Medicinal plants


Thyme is a perennial shrub from to the Labiatae family that reaches about 15-30 cm tall. It´s bushy with small leaves shaped ovate to lanceolate, in these leaves there´re tiny hollows stuffed with a drop of essence...


Herbal remedies for Intestinal parasitesThyme

Natural Treatment for Intestinal parasites

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