Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Dyspepsia treatment. List of medicinal plants


Chronic disease characterized by imperfect and difficult digestion, with decreased stomach secretions and pain in the upper stomach.

List of medicinal plants for the treatment of Dyspepsia.

Examples of plants with therapeutic indications for the treatment of Dyspepsia. Click on any to see more details of its contents and properties. 


This section is constantly updated proportionally to new publications of the section: 


medicinal plants

Basil - Medicinal plants


Branched erect herb 30-60 cm tall, elliptic leaf, ovate, oblong, a bit dentated or entire, inflorescence 20 cm long, corolla 4-5 cm long...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaBasil

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Chamomile - Medicinal plants


Herb erect, little branched, with erect stems about 50 cm tall. Leaves sessile finely divided. Very fragrant flowerheads, located at the end of the branches, with the central part hollow and in deep yellow...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaChamomile

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Chilli pepper - Medicinal plants


Acaulescent herbaceous, vivacious, from the Compositae family, has a long tap-root, highly variable plant, perennial up to 40 cm high. The parts used are the leaves and the dried root harvested before flowering...


Herbal remedies for Dyspepsia - Dandelion

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Ginger - Medicinal plants


Ginger is a herbaceous plant up to 90 cm with horizontal rhizome, leaves linear - lanceolate 18-28 cm long, sessile, acuminate. Peduncle of 15 to 25 cm; ellipsoid spikes of 4 to 6 cm...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaGinger

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Guava - Medicinal plants


The guava is a shrub or small tree up to 7 m high, sparsely branched. It has aromatic leaves, opposite, entire, 4-8 cm long, with prominent veins on the underside, resembling ribs. White attractive flowers, grouping from 1 to 3; numerous stamens arranged on a width disk...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaGuava

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Hibiscus - Medicinal plants


The Hibiscus have alternate leaves, simple, ovate to lanceolate, often with serrated or lobed margin. The flowers are long, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped, with five petals, in shades of white to pink, red, purple or yellow, of 4-15 cm size...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaHibiscus

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Laurel - Medicinal plants

Laurel (bay laurel)

The Bay Laurel is a small sized tree of the Lauraceae family. It not exceeds the height of 10 m. It has lanceolate hard leaves, dark green color, between 7 and 12 cm long...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaLaurel

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Lemon - Medicinal plants


The lemon is a small tree with irregular branches armed with thick spines, stiff and sharp. Leaves of 5 to 7.5 cm long. White flowers 2 cm long. Fruit round from 3 to 6 cm, greenish yellow, with plenty of acid pulp, small white seeds shaped oval...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaLemon

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Mint - Herbs


Mint is a perennial herb, creeping, with angular branches, glabrous or slightly pubescent, leaves opposite, oblong, rough surface and serrated margin, shortly petiolate...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaMint

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Oregano - Medicinal plants


High herb with fleshy leaves, hairy and angled stem used as a condiment and as an ornamental plant. It is native to tropical Asia...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaOregano

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Papaya - Medicinal plants


The Papaya is a small tree with single stem rarely branched withleaves shaped like a plume at its distal end. Lobed leaves, pale on the underside. Mostly unisexual flowers. Fruit pear-shaped, pendant and with lots of seeds...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaPapaya

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

Pineapple - Medicinal plants


The pineapple is a plant of the family of Bromeleaceas. It has long leaves up to a meter, spiny and fleshy. The fruit is divided into sections with a crown that characterizes it...


Herbal remedies for DyspepsiaPineapple

Natural Treatment for Dyspepsia

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