Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Dysmenorrhea treatment. List of medicinal plants


Painful or difficult menstruation. Irregularity of the menstrual function.


List of plants for the treatment of Dysmenorrhea.

Examples of plants with therapeutic indications for the treatment of Dysmenorrhea. Click on any to see more details of its contents and properties. 


This section is constantly updated proportionally to new publications of the section: 


medicinal plants

Mint - Herbs


Mint is a perennial herb, creeping, with angular branches, glabrous or slightly pubescent, leaves opposite, oblong, rough surface and serrated margin, shortly petiolate...


Herbal remedies for Dysmenorrhea Mint

Natural Treatment for Dysmenorrhea

Oregano - Medicinal plants


High herb with fleshy leaves, hairy and angled stem used as a condiment and as an ornamental plant. It is native to tropical Asia...


Herbal remedies for Dysmenorrhea Oregano

Natural Treatment for Dysmenorrhea

Parsley - Medicinal plants


biennial herb up to 80 cm long, hairless, with thin stems and triangular outline leaves two to three times pinnate, the upper leaves have entire leaflets and the basal ones serrated or toothed....


Herbal remedies for Dysmenorrhea Parsley

Natural Treatment for Dysmenorrhea

Passion flower - Medicinal plants

Passiflora or Passion flower

The Passion flower is a plant with a permanent woody stem that can reach up to 10 m. The axillary pedicle grows to 8 cm and holds only a flower. Flowers are lined with a diameter of 5 to 9 cm. The five sepals are gray on the outside and white inside...



Herbal remedies for Dysmenorrhea Passiflora

Natural Treatment for Dysmenorrhea

Calendula officinalis - Medicinal plants

Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

The Calendula officinalis is an annual herbaceous plant 30-60 cm tall, simple leaves, sessile, mostly oblanceolate, hairy, chartaceous, initially grouped and subsequently arranged alternately along the stems that support in its ends the floral buds...



Herbal remedies for Dysmenorrhea Pot marigold

Natural Treatment for Dysmenorrhea

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