Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Cough remedies. List of medicinal plants


Violent and noisy expulsion of air in the lungs as a reflex voluntary or involuntary.

List of medicinal plants for the treatment of cough.

Examples of plants with therapeutic indications for the treatment of cough. Click on any to see more details of its contents and properties. 


This section is constantly updated proportionally to new publications of the section: 


medicinal plants

Avocado - Herbs, medicinal plants


Deciduous tree up to 20 meters high with a trunk 60 cm in diameter, with leaves alternate, elliptic, small flowers and fruit pulp very oily drupaceous, commonly used as food.


Herbal remedies for CoughAvocado

Natural Treatment for Cough

Basil - Medicinal plants


Branched erect herb 30-60 cm tall, elliptic leaf, ovate, oblong, a bit dentated or entire, inflorescence 20 cm long, corolla 4-5 cm long...


Herbal remedies for CoughBasil

Natural Treatment for Cough

Cocoa - Medicinal plants


Cocoa is a small tree of 6-8 m, with bushy branches, elliptic leaves - oblong to obovate - oblongs, from 15-30 cm, abruptly acuminate. It has small inflorescences, on the trunk and branch, pink calyx 6-7 cm and yellow petals. Fruit ovoid - oblong, lined, rough, with ovoid seeds. Are used the dried and roasted seeds....


Herbal remedies for CoughCocoa

Natural Treatment for Cough

Coriander - Medicinal plants


The Coriander or Cilantro is an annual herb of the family Apiaceae (called Umbelliferae). Have straight stems, compound leaves, white flowers and aromatic fruits...


Herbal remedies for CoughCoriander

Natural Treatment for Cough

Oregano - Medicinal plants


High herb with fleshy leaves, hairy and angled stem used as a condiment and as an ornamental plant. It is native to tropical Asia...


Herbal remedies for CoughOregano

Natural Treatment for Cough

Passion flower - Medicinal plants

Passiflora or Passion flower

The Passion flower is a plant with a permanent woody stem that can reach up to 10 m. The axillary pedicle grows to 8 cm and holds only a flower. Flowers are lined with a diameter of 5 to 9 cm. The five sepals are gray on the outside and white inside...



Herbal remedies for CoughPassiflora

Natural Treatment for Cough

Pulsatilla - Medicinal plants


The Pulsatilla is an herbaceous plant which has a fairly thick rhizome in black, stick to the ground in angle, from this rhizome grows a stalk which doesn´t reach much height, with leaves segmented in linear laciniates...


Herbal remedies for CoughPulsatilla

Natural Treatment for Cough

Coriander - Medicinal plants


Thyme is a perennial shrub from to the Labiatae family that reaches about 15-30 cm tall. It´s bushy with small leaves shaped ovate to lanceolate, in these leaves there´re tiny hollows stuffed with a drop of essence...


Herbal remedies for CoughThyme

Natural Treatment for Cough

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