Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Bronchitis treatment. List of medicinal plants


Bronchitis is an acute inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi.

List of medicinal plants for the treatment of bronchitis.

Examples of plants with therapeutic indications for the treatment of bronchitis. Click on any to see more details of its contents and properties. 


This section is constantly updated proportionally to new publications of the section: 


medicinal plants

Coffee - Medicinal plants


Coffee is a shrub or small tree of 1-7 meters height. Opposite leaves, bright, mostly oblong, with prominent veins on both sides. Fragrant white flowers in tight clusters located in the leaf axils...

Herbal remedies for bronchitisCoffee

Natural Treatment for bronchitis

Garlic - Medicinal Herbs


Garlic is an annual herb native to Central Asia but its widespread use as a condiment and medicinal properties, is cultivated in almost all continents.


Herbal remedies for bronchitisGarlic

Natural Treatment for bronchitis

Laurel - Medicinal plants

Laurel (bay laurel)

The Bay Laurel is a small sized tree of the Lauraceae family. It not exceeds the height of 10 m. It has lanceolate hard leaves, dark green color, between 7 and 12 cm long...


Herbal remedies for bronchitisLaurel

Natural Treatment for bronchitis

Onion - Medicinal plants


The onion is a geophytewith spherical bulbsvarying size and color depending on the cropIts leaves are lanceolate, with way of rods and white flowers clustered at the ends protruding on the rosette of leaves...


Herbal remedies for bronchitisOnion

Natural Treatment for bronchitis

Pineapple - Medicinal plants


The pineapple is a plant of the family of Bromeleaceas. It has long leaves up to a meter, spiny and fleshy. The fruit is divided into sections with a crown that characterizes it...


Herbal remedies for bronchitisPineapple

Natural Treatment for bronchitis

Tea - Medicinal plants


Tea is a shrub that grows up to four meters high, evergreen, alternate leaves, elliptic, pointed, toothed and coriaceous leaves, six to eight inches long and three inches wide...


Herbal remedies for bronchitisTea

Natural Treatment for bronchitis

Coriander - Medicinal plants


Thyme is a perennial shrub from to the Labiatae family that reaches about 15-30 cm tall. It´s bushy with small leaves shaped ovate to lanceolate, in these leaves there´re tiny hollows stuffed with a drop of essence...


Herbal remedies for bronchitisThyme

Natural Treatment for bronchitis

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