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Herbs - Medicinal Plants

Chamomile health benefits

Medicinal properties attributed to Chamomile plant. Benefits of Chamomile. Uses, warnings about its use (contraindications). Preparation and dosage of Chamomile. Health benefits.

Health benefits attributed to Chamomile

Chamomile benefits

It is a protective and restorative of the gastric membrane which is very suitable in all those conditions in which an organ of the digestive system is affected, meanwhile it improves difficult digestions and helps expel gases, thus relieves the flatulence.

In the same way it´s been proved the properties of chamomile in cases of intestinal spasms, so it is very suitable for stomach pain.


The essential oil of chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, spasmolytic, carminative, emmenagogue and is slightly sedative because of the coumarins and flavonoids. The alfabisabolol reduces the proteolytic activity of pepsin and protects from the irritant action of aspirin.

Mucilage are demulcents and together with bisabolol and chamazulene, have a re-epithelizing effect. The sesquiterpene lactones are responsible for their aperitif activity, digestive and choleretic.

Uses of Chamomile

Warnings about its use

Preparations containing chamomile essential oil can cause allergic reactions in skin and / or rhinitis.

Do not administer orally during pregnancy, lactation, children under six years or patients with gastritis, gastric ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, liver disease, epilepsy, Parkinson or other neurological diseases.

Preparation and Dosage

Internal use.

Chamomile Infusion: Pour 5 to 12 g of fresh flowers in 1 liter of boiling water. Rest 10-15 minutes before filtering. Take 500-700 ml per day divided into 3-4 doses.

Fluid Extract: Mix 20 drops in half a glass of warm water. Take three times a day.

External use.

For topical use, apply the infusion described above, the tincture or the fluid extract, applied topically on the affected area 2-3 times daily.


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REMEMBER to always consult your doctor before combining natural products with any other treatment.


summary characteristics and properties of Chamomile.

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summary characteristics and properties of Chamomile.

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Medicinal properties attributed to Chamomile plant. Benefits of Chamomile. Uses, warnings about its use (contraindications). Preparation and dosage of Chamomile. Health benefits.