Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Conservation of Herbs

Theme II: Pharmacoergasy

Conservation of Herbs

The good condition at the time of consumption of medicinal plants directly depends on the manner, place and time of storage, ie preservation techniques of medicinal plants.

The effectiveness of the active ingredients in the therapeutic treatment is ensured if prevents external contamination by fungi or other plant species.

Both reactions may result in components that would alter the benefits expected from it.

Conditions for Herb conservation

Site for conservation of herbs

The conservation of herbs should be done in dry and clean, without cooling, the shade and are not exposed to direct sunlight. Excessive moisture causes the progressive deterioration of herbs.

Containers for storage of herbs

The storage containers can be diverse but the most useful are glass or ceramic containers, opaque and closed. When stored in bulk bags can be used with these properties for protection.

Noting that these conditions can be achieved medicinal plants having a useful life of about one year.

Loss characteristics can be appreciated by the change in aroma or flavor as compared to normal. In that case we recommend disposing and acquiring new ones.

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