Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Theme VI: Extraction methods


The percolation is the most common procedure for the preparation of tinctures and fluid extracts.


The percolator is a conical vessel with a top opening in which is placed a circular drilled lid allowing the pass of liquid and subjecting the materials placed on it to a slight pressure.


The bottom has an adjustable closure to allow passage of the fluid at a convenient rate.


The plant material is moistened prior to their placement in the percolator with a proper amount of menstruum, it´s placed in a sealed container and leave stand for approximately four hours.


After that time the plant material must be conveniently placed in the percolator so as to allow the even passage of fluid and the complete contact with the plant material. The percolator must be filled with liquid and covered up. The bottom outlet is opened until get a regular dripping and then closes. More menstruum is added to cover all the material and must stand to soak in the percolator closed for 24 hours.


After this time leave it to drip slowly and added enough menstruum to a proportional volume of 3/4 of the total volume required for the final product. The wet mass is pressed to extract the maximum residual fluid retained and supplemented with sufficient menstruum to get the proper proportion, it´s filtered or clarified by decantation.

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