Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Theme III.b: Micromorphological characteristics of plant drugs (vegetal drugs, herbal drugs)

Vascular tissue - Xylem - Phloem

Conductive or vascular tissue

It has the function of conducting the substances absorbed by the root to all parts of the plant, in order to nourish.

The conduction function is carried out in vessels made of cells which are placed one after the other, creating conductive tubes. There are two kinds of tubes: the woody tubes that form the xylem and liberians tubes, which form the phloem.


The xylem is responsible for conducting water, nutrients and dissolved minerals, acts as storage of nutrients and helps to anchor the plant. Their cells die when mature and contribute to forming woody structures.

Xilema em corte longitudinal


The function of phloem is to transport food. Their cells are kept alive at maturity. Phloem extracts the waste products that are formed.


Other adult tissues

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