Pharmacognosy - medicinal plants (herbs)

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Theme III.b: Micromorphological characteristics of plant drugs (vegetal drugs, herbal drugs)

Meristematic tissue

Meristematic or embryonic tissues

Meristematic tissues whose cells are constantly dividing, are characterized by small cells very similar to each other, and thin membrane rich in intracellular substance, its core is not large relative to the size of the cell and the plastids are not differentiated. Due to this characteristic are also called undifferentiated.

These tissues do not accumulate reserve substances and their cell walls are not modified. It is located in growth areas as generators of new branches and roots, and gives length growth to the plant.

Meristematic tissues are divided into: (click on the links listed to see tissue characteristics)


Primary meristems


Ground meristem



Secondary meristems

vascular cambium

Cork cambium




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